Frank O’Rourke TD has welcomed the announcement that a footpath and cycle track will be provided on the Moyglare Road in Maynooth.

Frank commented, “I have made representations, on behalf of the residents on the Moyglare Road, to have a footpath and a cycle track provided on the Moyglare Road. Given the growth in residential properties and the new secondary schools coming on stream together with the existing houses and GAA Club this is an important piece of infrastructure. This work is planned to be completed by September/October of this year.We must continue to provide adequate footpaths to encourage people to walk and cycle.”


Frank O’Rourke has said insurance providers need to pass on some of their massive profits to consumers and called on the Government to immediately implement the recommendations of the Cost of Insurance Working Group.

Deputy O’Rourke was commenting following reports that three insurance companies in Ireland made a combined profit of €200 million last year and said, “Insurance companies are raking it in by imposing huge premiums on consumers for their home, motor and business insurance. Individuals across Kildare cannot keep up with rising motor and home insurance costs and businesses such as nightclubs, marts and childcare facilities are considering closing down because of the massive increases in public liability and business insurance.”

                            Frank O’Rourke TD

“While I accept that the personal injury awards are far too high in Ireland and that they are a key contributor to the rising insurance costs, I do not accept insurance companies not passing on some of their profits to their customers – that just makes good business sense. Insurance premiums continue to rise far in excess of what is fair or justified. These rising costs are a huge burden on customers, business, charities, and sports clubs. It is very important that the recommendations of the working group, formed to tackle rising insurance costs, are implemented immediately. So far it appears little has been done in this regard.”

“The establishment of a national claims database is just one step we can take. The legislation for this database was enacted some time ago, yet it languishes in the Department. In addition to the database the establishment of a dedicated Garda insurance fraud unit is one action which is often brought up by businesses and communities as an essential measure.”  The Department must do more to prevent rising insurance costs. There are options on the table but little has been done to date while premiums continue to rise. The Minister ought to take this matter more seriously and step up efforts before we see the closure of more businesses and homeowners taking risks with their homes”, concluded Deputy O’Rourke.


Frank O’Rourke TD  has welcomed the confirmation of news that Traffic Signals are going to be installed at the junction of Ryebridge in Kilcock.

Frank commented, “Residents from Ryebridge Estate had contacted me over the last number of years highlighting the need to improve traffic management for cars trying to get onto the Old Galway Road from their estate at the Enfield/Summerhill junction.” 

“I am delighted that we now have confirmation that Traffic Lights will be installed in the coming months which will bring benefit to the residents of Ryebridge. I have also been informed that there will be a cycle track installed by the end of this summer form Ryebridge Estate to Kilcock Town Centre via the Mill Lane.”

“I want to acknowledge the work of the Council, the developer and the Residents in the Estate for their work with me in relation to this project. I look forward to the works been completed as soon as possible.”


James Lawless TD criticised the lack of attention being given by the Government to CE schemes when he attended the community employment scheme supervisor’s protest outside the department of finance today.

James Lawless TD with Tom Ashe (Clondalkin CE Supervisor

James commented, “These schemes have been badly let down by the present government with supervisors denied pension rights and applicants forced into ill suited JobPath courses rather than being allowed participate in meaningful, local activities. The collapse of the UK parent company behind much of the JobPath courses highlights the danger of privatising the community sector.”

“Myself and my Fianna Fáil colleagues have highlighted these issues repeatedly in the Dail and are committed to pursuing this at every level. “


 James Lawless has said that he and party colleague Jack Chambers raised concerns about the location and cost implications about the National Children’s Hospital two years ago but they weren’t heeded.

James commented, “The childrens’ hospital costs continue to mount and questions around price, specification and site have to be asked. My colleague Jack Chambers TD and I were saying all this two years ago but the government didn’t want to know.”

Below is an article from 2017 detailing Jack and James’ concerns.

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