James Lawless TD criticised the lack of attention being given by the Government to CE schemes when he attended the community employment scheme supervisor’s protest outside the department of finance today.

James Lawless TD with Tom Ashe (Clondalkin CE Supervisor

James commented, “These schemes have been badly let down by the present government with supervisors denied pension rights and applicants forced into ill suited JobPath courses rather than being allowed participate in meaningful, local activities. The collapse of the UK parent company behind much of the JobPath courses highlights the danger of privatising the community sector.”

“Myself and my Fianna Fáil colleagues have highlighted these issues repeatedly in the Dail and are committed to pursuing this at every level. “

Fianna Fáil to introduce Bill to protect rights of Community Employment participants

Frank O’Rourke TD has said that Fianna Fail is to introduce a Bill to prevent Jobpath from denying participants from taking up a place on a Community Employment (CE) Scheme, the Rural Social Scheme (RSS) or the Tús Scheme.

“In recent years, I met with both the former Minister for Social Protection, Leo Varadkar TD, and the current Minister for Employment and Social Protection Regina Doherty TD, and made strong representations to them, to have the CE and Tus Schemes made more flexible.”

“In effect, many people feel that they are being unfairly coerced into Jobpath and would prefer to take up a place on a CE, RSS or Tús scheme. In many instances, this would be more appropriate and suitable to the needs of both the community and the individual concerned. I also want to ensure that we facilitate older people on the scheme.” Continue reading “Fianna Fáil to introduce Bill to protect rights of Community Employment participants”


Frank O’Rourke TD has again highlighted the need for flexibility to be shown in relation to the way Tus Scheme is administered

He made his comments following a meeting he had with the new Minister for Employment and Social Protection, Regina Doherty TD in relation to the scheme.

Last year and earlier this year, I met with the former Minister for Social Protection, Leo  Varadkar TD, and made representations to him to have the Tus Scheme made more flexible and not be as time bound as it is, currently subject to the maximum time of 12 months.” Continue reading “O’ROURKE CALLS FOR FLEXIBILITY IN THE TUS SCHEME”


James Lawless queried the operation of Tús and Community Employment schemes in the Dáil today

James said, “Too often a worker is willing and able to remain placed with the same institution (usually a charitable or community organisation like Tidy Towns or McAuley Place) but is forced by “job-path” to spend a year in limbo and seeking alternate work.”

“This sees both the organisation and the individual losing out on an arrangement that gives the individual a job they enjoy and the organisation an extra staff member. “

“This all stems from changes made to the scheme last August when it was outsourced to private providers. Following my question Minister Varadkar has agreed to review the operation of the scheme.”