James Lawless TD and Cllr Carmel Kelly attended the opening of Eadestown Playground today

James commented, “It was great to attend the official opening of Eadestown playground yesterday. This is the 4th new playground to be opened in the Naas district in as many years and goes back to a pact we made as Councillors in 2014 that we would ensure LPT monies were invested back into each community through new amenities. Kill, Sallins, Caragh and Eadestown have now benefited. Great thanks are due to Eadestown GAA for the use of the land to build it on.”


Councillor Carmel Kelly has expressed her bitter disappointment at the recent vandalism in the new Sallins Playground which has resulted in the closure of the facility

Carmel said, “I’m really sad that our playground is closed. There are some out there who just do not appreciate how long we have waited for this fabulous facility. The re-opening date unknown at this time.”

James added, It is very disappointing that a small group of people would sabotage their own area. The community in Sallins waited a long time for a facility like the playground and it is incredibly frustrating that it would be deliberately damaged. Anti-social behaviour at the playground has been an issue since it opened in June and it is important that secure fencing is now provided ahead of the official opening in November so that it can be an amenity for Sallins for years to come.”


Popular Sallins Councillor Carmel Kelly launched her re-election bid this evening in Café Grange in Sallins.

Carmel has been a Councillor in 2016, and during that time was one of the Founders of the Midsummer Arts Festival which is taking place again this year.

An impressive crowd gathered for the launch with several TDs and Senators travelling for the occasion. Among the speakers were Anne Rabbitte TD, Brendan Smith TD, James Lawless TD, Frank O’Rourke TD and her fellow candidates Brian Larkin and Terry Dignan,

Carmel said in her address that her sole ambition in being returned to the Council was to serve the people to the utmost of her ability and that she was a  passionate believer in the power of Community.


Naas Area Election Candidate Brian Larkin along with fellow candidates, Cllr Carmel Kelly and Terry Dignan have stated their opposition to the proposed “Route 2” Inner Relief Road in the town.

Brian said “While knocking on doors with my canvass team and following receipt of many indepth e-mails from residents, it has become apparent that the proposed Naas inner relief road is an issue of major concern. I am proud to say I will be showing my support to any and all opposing this plan.”

James Lawless TD with Brian Larkin, Cllr Carmel Kelly and Terry Dignan

“Naas like many kildare towns has experienced a rapid expansion in population with which current policy and plans have not kept pace. This plan was originally drawn up in an era when naas was a much smaller town, now when KCC finally have gotten around to implementing this plan. We now need a fresh new approach to solve the traffic congestion problem in Naas.”


Cllr Carmel Kelly has welcomed news that estates in Kill, Naas and Sallins are finally being Taken In Charge.

Estates cannot avail of public services until they have been taken in charge by the Council. Such services might include the provision of street lights, clearing of drains, the fixing of potholes.

“The Taking In Charge of estates is an issue I have been highlighting for some time, a few months back following another request, I received a 30+ page report listing the many estates not yet in charge.”, Carmel said.

Below is a List of estates that the Building and Development Control Section propose to be taken in charge in the coming 6 months in Naas Municipal District: :

KILL – Saddlers Hall, Glendara and Rochford Abbey
SALLINS – Straffan Way
NAAS – Landen Park, Racecourse Gate and The Maudlings.

The following estates are proposed to be taken in charge by the end of the year:

SALLINS – Osberstown Court, Park, Drive, Sallins Wharf and Pier
NAAS – Aldergrove and Killashee View
KILL – Whitethorn Grove – The Mews