Cllr Deborah Callaghan welcomes opening of Columbarium Wall

Councillor Deborah Callaghan has said she is delighted to have been part of bringing a Columbarium wall – which is a monumental wall purpose-built to hold cremated remains – to Saint Corban’s cemetery. This wall is the first of its kind in the county. The original idea for the Columbarium Wall was championed by Deborah’s late father Cllr Willie Callaghan in 2013.

Naas Mayor Robert Power launches Naas Engagers App

There was a great turnout at the Naas Wild Food Festival on Saturday where Mayor Robert Power launched the “Naas Engagers” App. This is an innovative new community mapping project and will provide an opportunity for the people of Naas to put forward and share ideas for the revitalisation & regeneration of Naas. A key part of this pilot project is a mobile phone App that has been developed by Space Engagers, supported by the Social Innovation Fund Ireland in association with Google. The Naas URBACT Local Group, is leading this project as part of an  European Union initiative, called “ The City Centre Doctor Project” – which Councillor Deborah Callaghan has been very involved with – the aim of which is to develop a Naas Town Team and to plan for the regeneration of Naas .

Naas Engagers will enable local people to share stories and information about places in the town and to make suggestions as to how some of them could be reused or improved. The aim is to encourage people to think about their town and how they would like it to develop.

Rob said “I’m really proud that Naas is one of only 4 towns in Ireland to trial this digital solution to help rejuvenate town centres.”

Search the App Store for “Space Engagers” and get tagging your ideas for Naas!