O’Rourke welcomes NTA decision to review capacity

Frank O’Rourke TD has welcomed the National Transport Authority’s decision and Irish Rail have agreed to review their Rail Fleet capacity in light of the increased demand on our rail services at peak times.

“Since being elected, I have made repeated representations to have the level of service improved on both our rail and bus routes for commuters in North Kildare.”

“While we have received a commitment that there will be an increase off peak services on both the Maynooth and Kildare Lines, we need increased capacity at peak times. However Irish Rail’s fleet is now at maximum capacity at peak times.” Continue reading “O’Rourke welcomes NTA decision to review capacity”

We must support Young Teachers – James Lawless

James Lawless TD has said that greater support for Young teachers is vital for Ireland’s Education system.

James said, “I attended the conference of the Irish Science Teachers Association in Maynooth approximately six months ago where I again heard a call for greater emphasis on STEM subjects, a greater input into STEM teaching and a greater number of STEM graduates to enter the system.”

“I also met representatives of the Institute of Physics who had similar concerns. The issue is manifesting in a scenario where many science subjects are being taught by teachers whose primary degree may not have been in that particular science subject. For instance, a lot of biology teachers may be teaching physics or chemistry, which some refer to as the physical sciences. This is not ideal for a number of reasons. We also see gender imbalance. We see less of the physical sciences being taught in some girls-only schools. In some schools, these subjects are not even being offered. A lot of this links back to the difficulty we have in retaining or attracting STEM graduates into the profession at present and, despite numerous reports, the lack of action from Government on it.” Continue reading “We must support Young Teachers – James Lawless”

James Lawless TD speaks in favour of Waste Reduction Bill

James Lawless TD spoke on the Waste Reduction Bill at Committee Stage last week. You can read the full transcript of James’ contribution here.

James said, “I support the principles of this bill, and we have consistently been and remain a firm defender of Ireland’s natural environment. We firmly support efforts to encourgage recycling and reduce waste”

“Recently I met with Margaret Brady of Zezuz Packaging to learn about their new product, the first compostable cup, which can be disposed of in the ‘brown’ bin, with other compostable waste. The technology and the products are already there. It remains to support them in the marketplace.” Continue reading “James Lawless TD speaks in favour of Waste Reduction Bill”

Pressure on Naas Community College must be maintained – Lawless

James Lawless TD has said that it is paramount that pressure must be kept on the Department of Education to progress the build of Naas Community College as quickly as possible. 

There is a considerable demand for places in the school and this is a key part of the educational infrastructure for Naas and the surrounding areas complementing the existing schools by placing a co-ed ETB (Education and Training Board) school into the North Naas area to cater for students from all over the town but also places like Sallins, Kill, Johnstown, Rathmore and all that hinterland.

James said, “The school has received planning permission for a brand new building at Millenium park, Naas and will cater for over 1,000 pupils in a new state of the art building once the construction phase is completed.”

“However the delays have been frustrating for the school community and I have repeatedly brought them to the MInister’s attention. The Department and indeed the ETB  are 100% committed to this project, and great progress has been made despite scare-mongering from some opportunistic politicians, however the delays are causing understandable concern for many parents and the wider school community. Continue reading “Pressure on Naas Community College must be maintained – Lawless”

Better Homecare needed to tackle Hospital Overcrowding – O’Rourke

Frank O’Rourke TD says the Government needs to focus on making additional home care packages available to older people in order to resolve the hospital overcrowding crisis.

Deputy O’Rourke made the comments after receiving new information which shows that 589 people over the age of 75 were stuck on trolleys in Naas General Hospital in 2017.

Deputy O’Rourke said, “One of the key problems in hospitals right across the country is the lack of home care supports to help older people to return to their own homes. Many older people are stuck in hospital wards and are unable to return home after receiving the all-clear from their consultants due to the delays in sanctioning home care packages. This is a serious problem which is exacerbating the overcrowding crisis in our hospitals.” Continue reading “Better Homecare needed to tackle Hospital Overcrowding – O’Rourke”