James Lawless TD expresses concerns about Eadestown Planning Proposal

I have joined with the many residents in the Eadestown area in voicing my concern of the proposed infill site in the area. You can read my full submission to Kildare County Council here

Like the residents I believe there will be serious negative consequences if the proposed development goes ahead. The excessive scale and prolonged timescale of this development will have a detrimental effect on the community of Eadestown. I have concerns regarding this development with the following matters:

•Increased traffic volume on R140
•Increased traffic volume on N81
•Nature of Materials
•Local property value impact
•Increased noise and dust factors
•Local amenity concerns and impact
•Screening proposals

This list is snapshot of my full observations submitted to the council and have asked that they be considered and examined in respect of this proposed development.

James Lawless – Kill Crime Prevention Meeting

A huge credit to Kill Community Alert Group who hosted a crime prevention meeting last night. The presentations on home security and general policing in the area were very informative. The Gardai and the local community are doing their very best with scarce resources.

I personally believe it was a mistake by the government to close over 100 stations at the stroke of a pen in 2013. Five of those stations were in the Kildare and West Wicklow area which has been left exposed since. The total savings across all 100 plus stations only amounted to 2.5 million which is a drop in the ocean of the Justice budget. Continue reading “James Lawless – Kill Crime Prevention Meeting”

Cllr Naoise O’Cearuil supports objections to Wind Turbines in Drehid

Tonight Cllr Naoise O’Cearuil attended a Public Meeting in the Castle Inn Carbury regarding Element Power’s new proposal for wind turbines in the Drehid area.

Afterwards, Cllr Naoise said :”The people of West Kildare defeated the Maighne proposal and have my full backing with their objection to the most recent one. I’ve always supported renewable energy but not to the detriment of people’s livelihoods and health. Even though this area won’t be in my electoral area at the next election, I committed from the outset of my election to represent all the people of this area to the best of my ability and I will continue to do so.”

Power welcomes apology from Leinster Leader for Naas article

Cllr Robert Power has welcomed the apology from the Leinster Leader in their editorial this week. The newspaper have admitted that the article Robert took issue with in last week’s edition was “An unfair and unbalanced portrayal” of Naas.

“Like any town, Naas has it’s issues but I think it’s fair to say, given the backlash this article received that the people of Naas believe the pros of living here far outweigh the cons. I respect the manner in which the Leader have held their hands up on this and acknowledged that a mistake was made. The editorial rightly points out that the Leinster Leader has been an institution in Naas for almost 140 years and continues to serve that role throughout the county. A disagreement over one article won’t stop me buying next week’s edition. I think it’s more important than ever that we support print media, especially at local level.”

Action needed to tackle Mortgage Rates – O’Rourke

Local Fianna Fail TD Frank O’Rourke, has stated that mortgage interest rates charged in Ireland are entirely unjustifiable and the banks must be tackled to ensure that fairer mortgage rates are available to Irish home owners.

“Recent statistics, published by the Central Bank, show that the average interest rate on all new Irish mortgages in June stood at 3.23%, slightly higher than in May. The equivalent average for the Euro area is only 1.8%. Ireland is the only country in the Euro area with an average rate above 3%.”

“This massive differential is impacting negatively on the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families around our country and depriving local economy of much needed stimulus. An Irish borrower, with a 30 year mortgage of €250,000, is paying €1085 per month. This is around €188 per month, equivalent to €2,200 per year and €68,000 over the lifetime of the mortgage, more than they would be paying in the average Euro area country.”

“Over the last 10 years, people’s wages have increased very little and we need to focus on reducing the cost of living to ease the pressure on wage inflation. Reducing people’s mortgage repayments is one mechanism to reduce the cost of living.”

“We have been campaigning for mortgage holders, and particularly those in mortgage arrears, for some time now. Since being elected to the Dail, I have worked with our Finance Spokesperson, Michael McGrath TD, to keep a focus on their concerns. All of the instruments available to the Government and the Central Bank must be used to ensure that Irish mortgage holders receive fair treatment when compared to other EU countries.”

“The government must reconsider its opposition to legislation giving more power to the Central Bank to tackle high mortgage rates in light of the most recent statistics.”

“A delegation from the Oireachtas Finance Committee will be meeting officials from the ECB next month and we have placed the issue of high mortgage interest rates on the agenda for discussion,” concluded Deputy O’Rourke.