Cllr Carmel Kelly has welcomed news that estates in Kill, Naas and Sallins are finally being Taken In Charge.

Estates cannot avail of public services until they have been taken in charge by the Council. Such services might include the provision of street lights, clearing of drains, the fixing of potholes.

“The Taking In Charge of estates is an issue I have been highlighting for some time, a few months back following another request, I received a 30+ page report listing the many estates not yet in charge.”, Carmel said.

Below is a List of estates that the Building and Development Control Section propose to be taken in charge in the coming 6 months in Naas Municipal District: :

KILL – Saddlers Hall, Glendara and Rochford Abbey
SALLINS – Straffan Way
NAAS – Landen Park, Racecourse Gate and The Maudlings.

The following estates are proposed to be taken in charge by the end of the year:

SALLINS – Osberstown Court, Park, Drive, Sallins Wharf and Pier
NAAS – Aldergrove and Killashee View
KILL – Whitethorn Grove – The Mews

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