Frank O’Rourke TD has raised the traffic management issue regarding the junction at Hayfield Estate on the Straffan Road in Maynooth with Kildare County Council

Following his ongoing representations, the Council have confirmed that the developer has engaged with the Council regarding their obligation and planning condition to install signal lights at this junction.

However the Council have engaged consultants to carry out traffic movement surveys in Maynooth and in this general location before this condition is complied with in an effort to ensure the outcome will work to operate in a positive way at this location.

Frank commented, “The Council have also confirmed to me that the proposed traffic management for this location will be agreed with all stakeholders within three months with the junction been signalised within six months from now. This is the programme that they are operating to deliver.”

“A roundabout has been suggested at this location, the Council have confirmed that a roundabout will not be installed at this junction as it will not give safe access and movement to all road users and in particular pedestrians, cyclists, people with disabilities etc. the Council have highlighted to me in regard to this junction and in general that traffic management is about all road users getting there safely, it is not about getting there faster.”

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