The North Kildare Fianna Fáil Organisation consists of the following units :

The Kildare North Comhairle Dail Ceanntar is the Constituency representative body. It meets several times a year, and generally discusses national political issues and constituency organisational issues.

The Comhairli Ceanntair are the representative bodies corresponding to the Municipal Districts. There are three in North Kildare – Maynooth Comhairle Ceanntar, Celbridge-Leixlip Comhairle Ceanntar and Naas Comhairle Ceanntar. The Comhairli Ceanntair generally speaking meet several times a year and mainly discusses both local and national issues and regional organisational issues.

There are numerous Cumainn in North Kildare. Cumainn are the local branches of the Organisation and are based in the towns and villages around the consatituency. They tend to meet every few months with discussion mainly being about local issues.

Ogra is the local youth branch of Fianna Fáil. Ogra tends to meet every few months.