James Lawless TD is concerned that a recent agreement with the Dept. of Environment has seen the volumes at the Drehid Facility waste site escalate again

James commented, “The load being received into the facility has practically doubled and this is having a particularly troubling effect on local roads which are being passed through by trucks bound for the dump, some making 4 round journeys a day on the same narrow roads.”

“I am concerned that there has not been great public awareness of this and whilst An Bord Pleanála are now considering their application for futher expansion, a lot of this has gone under the radar, bar for the residents who have noticed the increased traffic volumes. In particular local roads around Kill, Sallins, Clane and Prosperous are seeing this pattern and some of those roads are just not suitable.”

“I have written to Bord na Móna, the EPA and Kildare County Council to express my concerns on this. I am also very concerned at the prospect of a hazardous waste licence application which is expected to be made at the site in the near future also, which is in addition to the current application for increased volume.”

James Lawless TD has welcomed the extension of Broadband services to rural parts of North-West Kildare

Map of new broadband coverage in North West Kildare New Broadband coverage in North West Kildare

“I am delighted to unveil the coverage map of areas which will receive fibre speed broadband where previously there has been slow or inconsistent broadband coverage. Working with Imagine, we have brought the service to the north west of the county following meetings with residents and hearing their concerns around the lack of coverage in the area.”

“As a member of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources, and someone who is passionate about improving our broadband services I am delighted to be able to let residents know of the service rollout which is live and taking applications now. A huge issue when I met with residents in the area was the lack of coverage in places like Newtown, Johnstownbridge, Carbury, Broadford, and Timahoe. All these areas will now have access to fibre speed broadband. As people can see from the coverage map there is now comprehensive coverage across north west Kildare.”

“It has been said time and again how important broadband is for the local community in terms of education and business. It is a credit to Imagine for working with me and appreciating the concern and demand from residents in the area.”


James Lawless TD spoke in the Dail today during the debate on Irish Water.

His full contribution is below:

I thank the Acting Chairman for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the debate, although with only two Members on the Government benches, I am not sure it qualifies as a debate. I am glad, however, that this issue is now being brought to a head. It is an important issue but by no means the most important. The amount of airtime it has received in recent weeks has been disproportionate. Other matters such as health, education, transport, energy, broadband and housing are huge issues that have suffered owing to the inordinate focus placed on water provision in the set-up of this Dáil. Nonetheless, it is an important issue, one that has united and divided both this House and the wider public.” Continue reading “LAWLESS SPEAKS ON IRISH WATER IN THE DAIL”


Frank O’Rourke TD has raised the unfair fee structure that exists for Kilcock Irish Rail users with the NTA and Irish Rail

Frank commented, ‘Following a meeting last Thursday with Kilcock residents, I have raised the issue again of the unfair fee structure that Kilcock rail commuters experience when compared to other users along the Maynooth line.’

‘Kilcock has become a commuter town and many Kilcock residents are working in Dublin. I believe that Kilcock should be included in Irish Rail’s short hop zone which attracts lower rail fares. In my view there is no sound basis for continuing to have Kilcock linked to the intercity network with its higher fare structure, and excluding it from the short hop zone (SHZ).’ Continue reading “O’ROURKE CLAIMS KILCOCK RAIL FARE STRUCTURE IS UNFAIR”


Frank O’Rourke TD has again raised the issue of poor Broadband coverage in Newtown and surrounding areas in North West Kildare

Frank commented, ‘North West Kildare is only a few miles away from major Multinational IT companies. It simply beggars belief that there are still communities in Kildare which are not served with adequate broadband coverage.’

‘Access to an adequate broadband coverage, in terms of capacity and speed, is critical for a whole range of reasons. Businesses, those working from home, students trying to access educational material all require broadband coverage.’ Continue reading “O’ROURKE PRESSES FOR BETTER RURAL BROADBAND IN NORTH KILDARE”