James Lawless TD has welcomed the news that a receiver has been appointed for Naas Town Centre.

The Centre has lain uncompleted for the best part of a decade in the middle of Naas.

James commented, “I have been championing this project for some time and have held a series of meetings with NAMA, Kildare County Council, the former owners and a number of other stakeholders to advance the project. The appointment of a receiver is a significant step and this will allow the project to proceed to sale. The appointment of this receiver was essentially the final hurdle in allowing a sale of the project to take place.”

“I have again spoken with potential buyers in the last few weeks since the receiver was appointed. Following this move, these buyers will have a new chance to put proposals to Kildare County Council as this removes many of the legacy issues which had previously dogged the site. The old planning permission is obsolete so there is a fresh chance to make this work.”

“I am very please with this significant step forward for the development. There are many strands to Naas as a retail destination but completing the town centre is one of the biggest steps. I will continue to work on this project to ensure it change hands, progresses, and gets open for business as soon as possible.”


James Lawless TD has called on the Minister for Education to secure approval for four extra classrooms in Straffan National School.

James has met with parents at the school and is adamant that the school currently has the demand for the places.

James said, “From my repeated raising of this issue the Minister is well aware of the capacity issues in Straffan National School. Approval must be secured to allow four extra classes to cater for the growing population. The demand is there and it is now over to the Minister to make the correct decision”.

Cllr James Lawless – Clarification needed on Kill T-Junction

James Lawless has raised the issue of the operation of the new T-Junction in Kill at a Council meeting.

“At a recent meeting of Naas Municipal District, I asked Kildare County Council for clarification on the operation of the new T-junction in Kill village. The T-junction was installed during the past year to replace the roundabout that served the Hartwell Road. Local residents have complained that the T-junction was creating traffic problems. Since the roundabout in the middle of Kill village was replaced by a T-junction, road users coming from the Hartwell Road are facing long tailbacks to get on to the Main Street. Many residents have raised this with me.”

“I’ve sought clarification from the council on the operation of the new junction layout. I want to see the council address the tailback issue since there weren’t any traffic problems when the roundabout existed. I understand the new design was mandated by the NTA and again it appears the motorist has been left the worse off for it.”

Cllr James Lawless criticises significant delays caused by roadworks

Cllr James Lawless has called for prompt conclusion of the roadworks currently causing delays around the town.

“As we are all too well aware, roadwork delays in the Naas area are adding to traffic woes. This has become particularly acute as the busy season commences and adverse weather makes driving conditions more difficult for motorists. There are three major roadworks projects underway: the Sallins Rd. roundabout widening, Main St. bus stop upgrades, and Kilcullen Rd. roadworks. All of these together are contributing adversely to the movement of traffic around Naas town and Sallins village. While it is welcome to see these projects being carried out, I would have hoped that they would have been carried out in a timely and efficient manner. Instead, we’ve had to put up with the opposite.”

“Therefore I’ve stressed  with stakeholders involved the URGENT need for prompt completion of the roadworks to relieve this traffic chaos, especially now in the run up to Christmas. The Sallins Rd. roundabout and Kilcullen Rd. upgrade in particular are simply taking far too long to complete. It is unacceptable. One would have thought that in this day we could deliver projects like these quickly and efficiently, but it’s worse they’re getting.” Continue reading “Cllr James Lawless criticises significant delays caused by roadworks”

Lawless Motion on Naas Town parking passed by Council

A full review of Naas town parking by-laws proposed by Cllr James Lawless was agreed at a recent meeting of the Naas Municipal District.

James said,”A motion I put forward was passed by the council seeking to immediately commence a review of the pay parking laws around the town. After 18 months of effort to improve the parking situation in Naas a root and branch review of the entire situation is now needed to bring things forward. Over the last 18 months I’ve made many attempts to bring about improvements to the parking situation in the town. It is becoming very frustrating and progress is slow. Therefore I believe at this stage the only way forward is to bring all parties together to hammer out a parking deal for the town. Businesses, residents and shoppers alike need progress on this critical issue.” Continue reading “Lawless Motion on Naas Town parking passed by Council”