James Lawless TD has lent his support to the Kill and Sallins Road Safety groups who turned out to support each other at the march for a crossing in Kill today.

James commented, “It defies belief that the council erected a temporary crossing in Kill village (and then took it away) at a cost of €20,000 rather than putting a permanent crossing in place for not much more. I am seeking a meeting with Kildare County Council to escalate this issue and get action.”

James Lawless – Kill Crime Prevention Meeting

A huge credit to Kill Community Alert Group who hosted a crime prevention meeting last night. The presentations on home security and general policing in the area were very informative. The Gardai and the local community are doing their very best with scarce resources.

I personally believe it was a mistake by the government to close over 100 stations at the stroke of a pen in 2013. Five of those stations were in the Kildare and West Wicklow area which has been left exposed since. The total savings across all 100 plus stations only amounted to 2.5 million which is a drop in the ocean of the Justice budget. Continue reading “James Lawless – Kill Crime Prevention Meeting”


Despite the recent publication of the Report of the Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce, communities in Kildare will still have to wait until 2023 at the earliest to access high quality broadband services

James Lawless TD commented, “This is simply not good enough from the Government. The report suggests a number of initiatives which I believe are window dressing. There is no need to undergo another mapping exercise to see where there are mobile broadband blackspots. The mobile phone operators know exactly where coverage is poor. In my own constituency I have worked on improving high speed broadband services in North West Kildare, Kill and Eadestown. Meeting with Eir, Imagine and other providers I have informed them of these blackspots and will continue to bring these to their attention.” Continue reading “LAWLESS PRESSES FOR ACTION ON BROADBAND”

Cllr James Lawless – Clarification needed on Kill T-Junction

James Lawless has raised the issue of the operation of the new T-Junction in Kill at a Council meeting.

“At a recent meeting of Naas Municipal District, I asked Kildare County Council for clarification on the operation of the new T-junction in Kill village. The T-junction was installed during the past year to replace the roundabout that served the Hartwell Road. Local residents have complained that the T-junction was creating traffic problems. Since the roundabout in the middle of Kill village was replaced by a T-junction, road users coming from the Hartwell Road are facing long tailbacks to get on to the Main Street. Many residents have raised this with me.”

“I’ve sought clarification from the council on the operation of the new junction layout. I want to see the council address the tailback issue since there weren’t any traffic problems when the roundabout existed. I understand the new design was mandated by the NTA and again it appears the motorist has been left the worse off for it.”