Ben Doyle Picked for Election in Maynooth Area

Ben Doyle has been selected to run for Fianna Fáil in the Maynooth area. A Peace Commissioner appointed by the Department of Justice, Ben lives in Carbury with his wife and two children.

He has worked tirelessly in the Carbury area over the past few years on issues such as unfinished housing estates in Derrinturn, lack of amenities for children and is presently working on bringing a new Enterprise Unit to the North West Kildare area. He is especially proud of his involvement in the establishment of an Autistic Unit in St. Conleaths’ local primary school.

Ben holds a B.Sc. in Business & Finance, is an active member of local business organisations and is a former President of the Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves on the Fianna Fáil Enterprise Committee lead by Dara Calleary TD. Support for small & medium businesses in the area and the reform of commercial rates are just some of his priorities.

“Carbury and the surrounding areas of North West Kildare have long been neglected over the years by both regional and national governments. My goal is to ensure we receive our share of the support and resources from Kildare County Council and it’s agencies. We also need to work closely with local businesses to provide a positive environment so that they can provide the much needed jobs for our area.”